By Pressing "I Agree"  I/We hereby make application for membership in the Samoyed Association of Canada. If accepted, I/We agree to abide by its’ constitution, by-laws, Code of Ethics and rules/regulations.

Enclosed with this application is a $5.00 initiation fee PLUS regular yearly membership dues. Please select above the “TYPE” of membership applied for:

( ) Full Individual
( ) Full Family
( ) Junior
( ) Canadian Associate Individual
( ) Canadian Associate Family
( ) Foreign Associate Indiv. or Family
Resident of Canada owning one or more Registered Samoyeds.
Couple Residing at same address meeting the requirements of Full Individual.
Under 16 yrs. of age and registered Samoyed owned by Jr. or Household member.
Resident of Canada not owning a registered Samoyed.
Couple residing at same address meeting the requirements of Individual Associate
Person or Couple residing outside Canada owning 1 or more registered Samoyeds

A new member accepted after Ocotober 1st of any Year (printed as a :Prospective Member" in the November Bulletin) shall be considered a member for the remaining month of that year in which accepted and the ensuing year.

NOTE: "Associate " Members may enjoy all the benefits of the club but shall not be entitled to vote.